Working on Stuff

Well, our camera has been replaced! We bought a new, better, faster, shinier camera that we love. Seriously. We love it.

Anyway, the crocheting project I mentioned last time has been completed, but you have to wait until I can get someone else to get a picture of it for me. Sorry. After that, though, I cast on for Hedera:

casting on

with my shiny new cakes of Gloss. It’s not good to leave them unworked too long after you wind them, you know. That’s what I hear, anyway. 😉 It’s a fun, fairly simple pattern – the lace repeat is only 10 stitches wide and four rows long, which means that even I am starting to memorize it. See?


So pretty. I am a bit concerned about whether it will fit over my heel…but we’ll see, I guess. I didn’t actually swatch, rationalizing that it would take just as much time to make a regular swatch as it would to just try it and then redo if necessary. Remind me of that when I have to frog half a sock. We’ll see if it makes me feel better.


  1. bezzie says:

    Oh man, that camera is great! Everytime I think a sock won’t fit over my foot, I can usually Evil Stepsister it onto my foot to loosen it up without having to frog. Good luck!

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