Yarn Shop-ping

The sheepghan is in time-out again for being difficult. (I have to unravel a few rows, I think. Baaaaa. I mean, bah.) Apparently, I frustrate easily. Or maybe it’s just that I have so many other things I can work on that won’t fight with me – and it’s more fun to work with those.

On Saturday Greg and I swung by Yarnivore again. I went with two skeins of my Gloss to avail myself of their ballwinder. Melanie was very nice (again) and showed me how to do it, and I have to say that it is pretty darn cool.

2 balls

While we were there, we picked out yarn for Greg’s scarf. (Oh yeah, I’m making him a scarf. I started making and planning mittens and socks and sweaters and hats for me and Max and Charlie, and Greg said, “So I don’t get anything?” I asked him what he wanted and he said a scarf.) Greg’s specifications were as follows: Black – or dark – with bits of color. Kind of big – puffy – and pretty plain. I interpreted that to mean a black or gray or navy tweed in worsted or heavier and a basic rectangle. I showed him some pictures and he seemed to agree. I actually found a black wool tweed that seemed to match, but we didn’t buy that. We bought this:


Greg said he liked the little ‘flyaways’ and how soft it was. Awww. If he’d only told me he was looking for a soft, fuzzy scarf that still looked manly and serious, we could have started there. No wonder, though: it’s Plymouth Indecita Alpaca Boucle – 90% Alpaca. Gorgeous.

And in other news: Crocheting.



  1. Aviva says:

    😆 He sounds like my Jeff! You would never know just how sensitive he is. Always has to keep his manly appearance(read facade(sp?). Just too funny.

    Sorry about the sheepghan. Those pesky sheep need to be disciplined!


  2. Abi says:

    That yarn does look gorgeous and manly at the same time. I love how you keep me in suspense for your next project. I love stars!

  3. Tammy says:

    Put that misbehaving sheep in its pen! 😆 Love the yarn for Greg’s scarf….do you think he could convince my hubby that going to the yarn shop is ACTUALLY fun? lol

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