Knit Picks Shipment!

Yaaaay! (The package tracker said it wouldn’t be here until Monday. Woohoo!) I bought enough for free shipping, which equals a LOT of yarn. Don’t worry, though, each skein of it is tagged for a project. For instance:

knitpicks (2)

2 skeins of Gloss in Cocoa. These will become a pair of Baudelaire (for me).

knitpicks (1)

2 skeins of Gloss in Dusk. These will become a pair of Hedera (for me).

knitpicks (4)

4 skeins of Swish in Deep Ocean. This will become a sweater for Charlie. (See how Deep Ocean goes with the Sea Blue Stripe?) Maybe a Sherwood.

knitpicks (5)

5 skeins of Swish in Dublin. Probably a Sherwood for Max.


3 skeins of Merino Style in Crocus, Harvest, and Strawberry for a design of my own. It was on sale!

Also, something I’ve heard of but never experienced:

knitpicks (3)

Complimentary color cards. Wow. Telemark and Palette. I already have Palette, but that just means Max gets to play with it. (He’s thrilled.) Mom thought I was crazy when I bought all of those color cards, but when I went to place my order, I knew exactly what the colors looked like.

My review: all of these yarns are gorgeous! Both to touch, and their colors. I’ll give better reviews when I use them.


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