And then, Suddenly

…as if from nowhere – SHAZAM!

my first hedera

Half-a-pair-o-Hedera! Yeah, that’s right. I’m posting because I finished one sock. It’s my first whole adult sock ever – and took more than two months for me to complete – so I think it merits it. It doesn’t fit very well; it’s a little snug, but check it out, there’s a ton of yarn left from my skein of Gloss.

leftover knit picks gloss

‘Used’ ball on the left, new ball on the right. I think I might be able to get the second sock out of the first skein. I’m gonna go for it. But before I start the second sock, I think I’ll start a new project or something. I love to start new projects…


  1. Tirzah says:

    I am SO bad at starting new projects when I am in the middle of an old one. I get bored, or I come up with great new ideas. I got myself to a point of no (or very few UFOs and then I started on so many new ones that I can’t even think of all of the projects I have going.) –That was a lot to put in ()s!! :)

  2. Kim says:

    Lovely sock! I’m thinking of trying to knit some socks, but I have so many other projects I want to do. I just know I’d do the same thing- finish one and then start something else.

    I just started knitting this summer and I found your website tonight. Love your patterns. I was so excited when I saw the Potter Puppet Pals! I need to learn to crochet so I can make those eventually. Anyway, I made your Simple Lace Headband tonight as my first lace project. It turned out great. Because of the simplicity of it I wasn’t at all intimidated about doing the lace. Just wanted to say thanks for posting it :)

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