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And welcome to everyone who has found my blog via the Crochetme newsletter. Let me tell you, that was an unexpected spike in traffic. Anyway, let’s see what we have to show for ourselves today. First and foremost, go poke around in my new Cafepress Shop! I made four different ‘candy heart’ designs. Writing messages for candy hearts is, unfortunately, one of the ways that I amuse myself around this time of year. Here’s one:


Go see. Aaaaalso, I went to Joann’s the other day (to pick up something important, and not for me) and they were having a sale on the Super Size balls of Lily’s Sugar’n Cream cotton. You know, the new 4 oz. balls. It was 2 for $3. I bought 4, which means that I bought a pound of cotton for $6. Rather a good deal. I almost bought twice that. The yarn I bought is earmarked for a project, though. So it’s completely allowable. Right?

more cotton

I may perhaps have started disassembling another sweater. Maybe. And, um, I got in a package from Knitpicks.

color cards

Look. It’s a lot more economical to ship a lot of them at once. Okay? Plus now I know which yarn I want to order for another project in planning…

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  1. mom says:

    Dear child of mine – please remember it isn’t really “he with the most wins!” Although the blue is beautiful! Love and kisses mom

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