Behold: Crochet!

What’s that, you say? This ‘toomanyhooks’ chick appears to be a crochet-poseur? That, in fact, nothing crocheted has made an appearance on the blog for three whole weeks now, while knit items continued to feature? Pshh. What can I say? Knit is new. Knit is a challenge and a voyage of exploration into the unknown. Knit happens. Plus, I think it would be fair to say that my new site (yes, I am going to reference it in every post, it’s what I’m working on!) is one pretty darn big crochet WIP. Anyway – um, where was I going with this? Oh, yes.
My point is, I have been crocheting. Continuing in the vein of crocheted, kid-friendly, unbreakable ornaments of my own design (documented, interestingly enough, in the previously-mentioned most-recent post containing crocheted content) I have made these.

Christmas balls

Here we have an innocuous set of balls, first a solid color, then solid with one stripe, then one with stripes of three seperate colors. Nothing too tricky. (Maybe I should attempt one with some sort of a fair-isle-esqe pattern on it. Hmm.) And here –

candy cane

We obviously have a candy cane. The candy cane, while simple in principle, actually gave me a great deal of trouble. I had to frog the curve multiple times to get the right one, which I resented. You would be surprised at how often I get it (‘it’ being a design) exactly right on the first try – it’s often enough that it surprises me when I don’t. Although, of course, I’m so used to getting my own way that I hate to go back, and sometimes if it’s almost what I wanted I let it slide. (Other times it irks me until I correct it.)

Anyway, Max is thrilled to have toys (his word, not mine) on the tree. He thinks it’s a great idea. Often, after putting him to bed or down for a nap, we will find other toys he’s decided should go on the tree. A block, a few magnets, a handful of puzzle pieces – all carefully balanced and cradled in the branches. Sometimes they’re all together and just shoved into a big cavity. The other day he got very frustrated because his truck (about the size of a loaf of bread) wouldn’t stay on the tree. Enough of that, though – I have things to do! Greg’s been badgering me to let him take down the Christmas tree, and now that I’ve got these pictures I suppose I’ll have to. In other news, the pages of Inner Child Crochet are now sheep-free! Each link now goes to at least a rudimentary version of the page it’s supposed to. Woohoo!


  1. Bezzie says:

    Oh!!! That candy cane made me remember a crocheted candy cane my grandma made us. It was red and green and was made out of this AWFUL like nylon-y/acrylic yarn and it was merely a tube. She took a metal coat hanger and stuffed it in the tube to give it shape.
    Totally not kid friendly…I remember whipping my little brothers with it a few times. Ahh..good times!
    Off to check out the sheep free site!

  2. Abi says:

    Cute ornaments, the candy cane is kinda Dr. Suessish. Hee hee, kids are so cute. I hope you got pictures of the strange ornaments in the tree.

    Awww, I kinda miss the sheep. You know the anticipation of them just popping up. 😛

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