I just had to show you this…

…because I think it was a little silly. You see, I thought, ‘I wonder how big the skein would be if I were to wind the entire back of the sweater into one ball?’ As it turns out, pretty big.


I haven’t washed it yet, so it’s pretty kinky (which only adds to the bulk) but it’s 1020 yards long. One thousand and twenty. That’s more than the first three hanks put together. For comparison:


Oh, dear. Put together, the three hanks and the uber-hank are about 5 ounces. how do I know that? Oh, yes –


I bought a kitchen scale. It’s not the most precise thing ever, but it’s a heckuvalot better than the bathroom scale. So, that makes the Current Cashmere Count 1,772 yards and 5 ounces. By the way, did you know that karabella yarn charges almost a dollar a gram for their cashmere? Do you know how many grams are in 5 ounces? About 141. Whooo, fun! One hundred and forty dollar’s worth of cashmere sitting on top of my computer desk. I should be about halfway through the cashmere winding, too, so we’ll see some more final numbers soon.

Let’s see, what else…oh, yes! I picked up the winter issue of Interweave Knits the other week. I went to get a copy of Interweave Crochet (and that was before I knew Kim’s big news! Now we should all subscribe – it would be helping out a friend, after all…:wink:) but Barnes & Noble was out, and so I was lured into buying the knitmag. See?


So pretty. This is the Winter 2006 issue, which is the one that contains Eunny’s legendary Venezia Pullover (it’s the fifth one from the bottom). Despite the fact that it is a marvel of colorwork and construction, and unquestionably in good taste, it’s not something that I would wear. I’m more interested in the Rambling Rose Cardigan. You can see the front halfway down the page here, and here’s the back.

ikmag (2)

See? How cool is that? We all know I love textural knitting (I’ve had to revise my statement since, while my love for cables is still as passionate as ever, knitting Liesel may have sold me on lace. A little lace. Nothing crazy.) and methinks I like it.

This, on the other hand – I thought I might knit this:

ikmag (1)

– especially since if I hold two strands of my cashmere together, I’ll practically have the yarn called for, which never happens. But…you know what? Looking at the picture more closely, doesn’t it look like they have…baggy wrists? That looks like it would annoy me terribly, having baggy, dangly, not-holding-on the wristwarmer wrists. So that’s out.

Oh! Oh! And if you’re stalking my new website (am I the only one doing that?) there is now a page on the other end of the ‘patterns’ link. Not the sheep page – Greg says that sheep scares him half the time when it pops up like that – but a pattern page, with links that mostly work. Eventually all of my patterns will be moved over to my new site, but for now I am linking on my new site to their current locations. So yeah.

Erm, if the site looks terrible on your internet settings, would you leave me a comment and let me know? I’ve never designed a site before.


  1. Bezzie says:

    I love those baby slippers (I’m too lazy to try and spell abomnimamamamallll right now!)!
    The site looks good on my end!
    I agree the wrists looked baggy on those mitt things. Pretty pattern but not very practical. They look like they’d slip off!

  2. Aviva says:

    Hi Melissa!

    The cashmere looks like something I want to just rub on my cheek for hours, The wrist warmers look awesome but like you I don’t like baggy. So I would just adjust the pattern to make them fitted. As for the web site? I think you are doing a superb job! Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I really like the Rambling Rose also.

  3. Abi says:

    Hee hee, I’m laughing because I find it so funny that you bought a kitchen scale to weigh your yarn and that is something I would totally do too but my husband would think it was because I wanted to weigh food. Wow, that is a lot of yarn. Looks so soft and expensive. Hee hee.

    Your website it looking good. Although, I do have to agree with your hubby about the sheep, it startled me when I first saw it because it seemed to appear out of nowhere. But now, I’m ready for it.

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