Why do I always run out of days?

No matter what I do, I always seem to chop it down to the wire. Only 4 days left in August after today, and I still need to finish the last – very last! – little bit of my CrochetMe project (unfortunately, this last part is giving me more trouble than all of the previous bits combined. :razz:), then type the whole thing up, photograph the project, and submit it, all before the September 1st deadline.

Who’s going to be frantically typing at 11:30 pm next Wednesday? Probably me…

And yet, despite the slender time I have remaining, I keep doing other things. I took a break the other day to make a coaster. I had planned on making one that was big enough to protect the computer desk from my freezer-mug. (You know, the kind with double-layered walls and water in the middle? You keep it in the freezer, and it keeps your drinks cold like ice cubes, but you don’t dilute whatever you’re drinking. Since I mostly use it to drink water, that doesn’t make much sense.) Anyway, Greg found out I was going to make a coaster, and he asked me to make one with the Honor Guard symbol on it (he’s in the Base Honor Guard out here, and very proud of it).
So I did – and I did a bang-up job of it, too, IMO, it really looks fabulous – and Greg agrees. First thing he said was, “Wow, that looks awesome, sweetie! I’m going to use that at work!”
…What? I made this for the desk here.
I told him that, and he was like, oh…okay… :sad:
Oh….all right.
So now I need to make another coaster. He wanted me to make another Honor Guard coaster, but I’m not a big fan of making the same thing twice. I mean, I think the ONLY thing I’ve ever made duplicates of was a pair of baby booties, and by that I mean that I actually made both of them. 😆
I told him he couldn’t take it until I got a picture of it, which, I can’t do that yet because the batteries in our camera died. 👿 Which is the reason that I haven’t included any photos in the last post, or this one…but we’re picking up batteries when we go shopping today, so perhaps a photo of and pattern for said coaster will be coming shortly.

Oh – right – after the CrochetMe pattern is finished.

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  1. Roe says:

    There is something about deadlines that cause the hooks (and needles) to wonder. I will be checking in on your progress. I love the “feel” of your blog.

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