Baby socks. Baby socks!

Well, guess what? I really did go back and make the second sock. See?

tiny toe-ups

I sewed up all the little holes (you can sort of tell) and they look so cute! I’m a bit concerned that they might be too big – how big are a baby’s feet, anyway? But as everyone (including myself) keeps reminding me, babies grow. Oh, here’s the pattern I used, by the way. Anyway, I’m getting the hang of the size 2s (my smallest needles) and I think I need to buy some smaller ones. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any sock-type needles around here yet.

The socks were so fast and easy that an idea crept into my head, and once it was there, I couldn’t resist making these:

striped rib sox

These striped rib sox were made with the Magic Stripes I picked up a couple of weeks ago. This is my first knitting project ever made with yarn that is neither white nor cream-colored. Seriously. Check the gallery. And look! Look how the stripes match up! Using a tip picked up from someone’s blog (sorry! I don’t remember whose) I paid attention and began each sock at the same point in the color repeat, thus resulting in similarly striped socks. They are SO cute that I was forced to forgive Lion Brand for some of their shortcomings (for instance, the recommended needle size for this yarn is a 4. A 4? Are you serious? I worked it with 2s and I’m pretty sure the yarn would have been happier on 1s. Have I mentioned I need smaller needles?). However, given that the little stripey socks are SO UNBELIEVABLY CUTE, the fact that they provide no patterns for baby socks in this yarn is an inexplicable as it is inexcuseable. Listen, Lion Brand. I realize that your primary goal is to sell more yarn (I mean, or so I assume. How else do you explain boxy, oversized garments made of Fun Fur? How?) but given that a ball of Magic Stripes makes a full pair of adult socks, you will make the same sale of 1 ball of yarn whether you convince consumers to make adult socks or baby socks. (I think you’re more likely to convince them to make the baby socks, btw. Way, way cuter.)

Anyway, I did a much, much better job of the short-row wraps on the stripey socks, thus eliminating almost all of the holes. On the second stripe sock, I tried a wrap when I went back to all three needles, and guess what?!? No holes at all! Yay!

I still think many knitters are way too obsessed with socks, but their position is beginning to make an eerie amount of socks. I mean, sense.

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