Is it weird…

…that I “know” so many people with their own books? Max and I went to Barnes and Noble today, and it was really strange to see how many people I recognized. We saw Kim and Cecily‘s book, Stephanie‘s book, Amy‘s book, and of course we also saw the Happy Hooker and Mason-Dixon Knitting, both of which were written by people whom I do not know, but rather know someone who knows them. It was as though I had somehow stepped into my online crafting community, surrounded by people I know but have never met. (Of course, most of the people I have listed wouldn’t have any idea who I was if you asked…some of them would, though! Weird, right?) I attempted to have some quiet time with the books, but that plan was foiled by a bored, tired, hungry toddler who was not that thrilled to be strapped into a stroller and parked in front of a wall of books just out of grabbing range (although, at first, within kicking range).

So I didn’t buy any of them (sorry, guys) but Max and I went to the cafe where he had banana nut bread and I had a mocha cream frappuccino (i.e., a frozen hot chocolate) while I perused a Mercedes Lackey book I’ve been meaning to read for a few years – which I did buy. Hey! A paperback novel is like, 1/3 of the price of a crochet or knitting book. Deal. Funny story, apparently toddlers cannot get nuts into small enough pieces that they actually want to swallow them. When I pulled my sleeping baby out of the car, his mouth was wide open and full of pecan chunks which I got to extract while trying not to wake him. I’m sure that I missed some, though, and when I go to get him up from his nap there will likely be drooled-on nut chunks smeared across his sheets. Ah, he’s cute, though.

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  1. Vik says:

    I wish we had a Barnes & Noble in Buenos Aires! As I lived in the US, I used to go there very often and I loved the cafeteria there too!

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