Sick, sick, siiiiiiick *gag*

I thought my morning sickness had gone away. I really thought it had. (I think it had.) Greg brought a cold home over the weekend, though, which he generously shared with me (thanks, sweetie!) and now the nausea and gag reflex has kicked into overdrive. I think my stomach is just alarmed by the sheer mass of mucus that could potentially be headed its way (yummy) and is determined to ‘save’ me from it. And from dirty dishes. And from hair that touches my throat. And the sound of anyone else coughing. Yay! Thanks, stomach. Just what I wanted.

In misery I turned to the list of approved medications given to me by my practicioner at my first appointment. They recommend something called Emetrol (never heard of it) and something called Heavy Peach Syrup. What? A little internet searching confirmed that they did, in fact, mean the syrup that comes in the cans with the peaches. Interesting. Well, I didn’t have any canned peaches, but I had some pears. In lite (not ‘light…’) syrup. I thought it was a good way to eliminate uneccessary sugar/calories. Whatever. But it helped. I wonder if it’s the sugar that does it, and if that could possibly be the reason I’ve recently abandoned my Chex and Crispix for Lucky Charms. Who knows.

The point is that I feel de-fogged for the first time in two days. And a good thing, too, because apparently while I was zoned out on the couch, Max pulled all of the books off of all the shelves he could reach, emptied the desk drawers, and moved his blocks to strategically dangerous places all around the living room. And I seem to have lost my crochet hook. *sigh* I have a long day ahead, and I’m already tired…


  1. jana says:

    oh dear. melissa, i had horrendous morning sickness too. really nasty. i had that gag reflex thing too. ick. i took a prescription called Diclectin for 3 months. and ginger tea is supposed to help too. didnt know that at the time. hang in there, hope you are feeling better soon!

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