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Greg’s grandfather died last week. I can’t help feeling sad that he clung to life so long that his family, who rushed to his bedside when he first was admitted to the hospital, had all trickled back to their homes and their jobs. I think it might have been better for the family if they had all been able to be together. As it was, people drifted back in the days before the funeral, stayed for a few days, and then trickled home again. We couldn’t afford to take another trip as a family so soon – plus Max and I were still messed up from our journey – and Greg wasn’t even going to go at first. I made him :smile: and I’m glad I did – I think he’ll agree it was the best thing, too.

So while he’s been gone (he’s coming back tomorrow!) I’ve been watching the Olympics. I’m not taking part in the Fiber Olympics, even though I think it sounds like a lot of fun. (I’ll have to try and remember to keep my crocheting schedule clear four years from now. What? Two years? Nope, nuh-uh. Can’t stand to watch the Summer Olympics. Most boring waste of airtime…ever. Sorry, Olympic athletes.) The reason being, of course, that I’m already in the middle of a large project, complete with deadline. What is it? It’s my spring Crochetme submission, of course! My biggest entry to date, which means the most crocheting so far. Which means tiiime-consuming. *sigh* I think it’ll turn out nicely though, I just have to ‘buckle down.’


  1. Sheryl says:

    I love your blog – I just found you through Crochet Me. I was looking for crocheters in Texas. I am a life long crocheter and a more recent knitter. I had to give up crochet due to wrist issues. Please email me – if you live in the Houston area I am opening a yarn shop in April and need crocheters. Keep up the great work. My sympathies for your husband’s loss. As a former pediatric nurse I know that most issues caught early can be successfully handled – hang in there!

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