Something Happy

Word on the street is that my sister got the package. So here you go, the images you’ve all been waiting for:



Pocket Potter Puppet Pals. How sweet is that? I feel a little perkier just looking at them again. These were inspired by multiple hits on my blog, searching for “potter puppet pals Christmas present.” Apparently that’s a popular search. I have a pattern for them written out in my notebook, and perhaps it will be available in time for the truly determined to make a set for Christmas. But, um, we’ll see.

Dentist is in an hour. How do you tell a two-year-old he’s going in on an empty stomach?


  1. Deneen says:

    Those puppets are fantastic.

    My dd had to have her tonsils removed at age 2. She couldn’t eat anything after midnight the night before and surgery wasn’t scheduled til 2:00 PM the next day-it was awful telling her she couldn’t eat or drink. Good luck today.

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