Goblet of Fire and Christmas Stuff

Greg and I left Max with some friends to go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was nice, we haven’t been out to the movies in months. (Although, my birthday is coming up this month, and I’m plotting to have Greg take me to go see the Chronicles of Narnia – if ever there was a book that deserved more to be memorialized in a major, well-funded feature film, I haven’t met it. Obviously, I mean now that they’ve already taken care of the Lord of the Rings. So, back to Harry Potter…) It was fabulous, a visual confection while still retaining many of the plotline details and nuances that made the book so gripping. (Or as Steven Colbert says…’grippy.’) If you like Harry Potter, wizards, fantasy, or awesome movies – go see it.

And lest you think crocheting is all I do, here is some of my holiday handiwork. Now, I didn’t make this nutcracker, but I painted it. Not the face, though. That was prepainted. Hah.

Here is our treeeeeee…it’s fake. They claim it’s 7 feet tall, but the last foot is the topper-spike. I need to make something to go on top of it.

merry Christmas (1)

And here are our merrily decorated stairs. Greg’s the only one whose stocking I’ve finished thus far, but Max and mine are on the way. If I ever dig them out. I’ve sewn on the pattern with felt and embroidered the details. (Click on the pic for a bigger view, then click on that for a BIGGER view – you can see the stocking pretty well. ;))

Anyway, Merry Christmas! I hope to dig out the many, many projects I need to do – maybe tomorrow! – and get to work!

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