Harry Potter-ness

If you don’t already know that tomorrow is the day that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is released in theatres….well, then the rest of this post probably won’t interest you.

In honor of the imminent release of Harry Potter 4, I decided to share with you a list of my favorite links to Harry Potter-related fun and humor. (Be aware some links are PG.)

Snape in “I’m Too Sexy” – one that’s sure to leave you either laughing till the tears roll or saying, ‘What on earth…?’ Maybe both. *edit* Let me just clarify…I don’t think Snape OR Alan Rickman are that sexy, which is why this cracks me up so badly… */edit*

Potter Puppet Pals, “Bothering Snape” – heeheehee

Potter Puppet Pals, “Trouble at Hogwarts” – Stop frame when Voldy zaps Snape and click backwards and forwards till you find the star, and click on it for a fun extra. 😀

NEW! PPP’s Snape in “You Cannot Put a Stopper in my Pain” – 😯 I saw this for the first time today! Aaaaaah! Funny. 😆

NEW! Potter Puppet Pals – Naked Time – also new to me, a funny little clip.

Bertie Bott’s Bean Machine – click to see what flavor you get!

Remembering – Contains Book 6 Spoilers and takes a bit to download, but worth it, I think.

Harry Potter in Editorial Cartoons – Many of these are in the same vein…

Little Known Facts about Harry Potter Cast Members (from MAD!) – roll over faces for these snide snippets…

50 ways to annoy Lord Voldemort – ’nuff said. 😆

And, finally,

You Can Tell You’re Too Big a Fan when: You know it.

Anyway, enjoy (I did!), and everybody go see the movie! Although I have no idea when I’ll get to see it. :(


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