Awww, somebody at CrochetMe likes me!

And it seems that they’ve been reading my blog. I happened to peek at my pattern again today (What? No, I haven’t been lurking around there, being secretly delighted to see my pattern so professionally presented in a publication. I don’t casually peek around blogs and message boards to see who likes them or makes them, either. Shut up!) and as you can see here, they’ve put a ‘Part I’ on the top of the first page, and added the group shot beside the abbreviations. I didn’t even ask! That’s why I love them.

I *heart* Crochetme!

To continue in the spirit of showing and telling, we went to Walmart yesterday. It wasn’t the Walmart we usually go to (a nice, new SuperCenter just down the road from us) but rather the Walmart next to the Sam’s Club, since we were shopping there, anyway. Of course, that particular Walmart caters to a … ‘less affluent’ area of town. There were very few white people there (I felt a little conspicuous – as you can see from my pictures I’m so pale I might glow in the dark – you’d think I’d have a tan, living in Texas, but no…), as well as a table set up where a middle-aged woman was pitching infomercial scissors. You know, the ones that can cut through aluminum cans? I think that is the great, unfulfilled need in America. All of the alminum cans that are languishing uncut? It’s obscene.

However, I was delighted to find that instead of the token yarn section found at the supercenter (half of one side of one aisle, it’s heartbreaking) that this Walmart has two huge walls of yarn. OOoooooOOoooOOooooooo… So I bought yarn. Well, I mean, I went there to buy yarn, but it was such a thrill to be able to choose which shades of which colors to buy. It was great. I actually bought a little more than I meant to, but the fact that they had everything that I needed made me, I think, a little giddy. I know some of you will think me silly for going nuts over a yarn splurge consisting of 7 skeins of acrylic, but hey. I don’t get to buy much yarn. Isn’t it pretty?

The Simply Soft (which I’ve never worked with before – I’m edging my way up the acrylic chain, eh?) is intended for the next CrochetMe pattern I have planned. Goodie, goodie! We’ll see if I can do it or not, won’t we?

At any rate – you know how they say “You can’t buy peace of mind?” Greg and I were surprised to find peace of mind on sale at Walmart for $9.95. Heeheehee. Poor Max. No more kitchen escapades for him. I think he’s a little sad about that.

Then, we were forced to show our receipt before we could leave the store – I guess to ensure that we had paid for the yarn and the gate. They weren’t singling us out, either: that Walmart apparently pays a woman to stand by the door and check receipts. I’ve never been in any other store where they’ve done that except for Sam’s Club (and if you’ve seen the chaos they call a food court between the registers and the exit, you know why). It was an interesting experience.

Now, for the last stop on our photo-tour, I have one thing more. Some of you (I’m betting not many) may remember my very first post ever, about the lace I was making (also my first thread project ever). For months now, it’s been shoved in a bucket under some other things while I worked on everything else. Yesterday I pulled it out and began working on it again. It’s nice – I feel pretty domestic making lace.

Of course, I started working on it before I bought my yarn, but instead of allowing myself to run off and frolick with it, I’ve decided that I’ll continue to work on my lace for a while.


  1. goldi says:

    “Peace of mind”, you say? BwaHaHa! You will quickly learn that every challenge you come up with will be mastered, you will be lucky to stay one step ahead of the rapid developments! It won’t be long before he figures out all kinds of creative means for getting to the other side of that gate, lol! That’s what they do. That’s ALL they do! 😈

    Just tellin’ ya… :mrgreen:

    From one who been there done that, a loooong long time ago. 😉

  2. Tina says:

    Aaawww.. I used to give my boys their own cupboard they were allowed to get into, and all the rest had locks on them. I know how it is though do you let them trash the kitchen so you can get something done, then clean it up later which is worse? :) Nice blog, this is my first time visiting!

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