It’s War of the Worlds, BABY!

We just went to see War of the Worlds, and man. Was it good. It was GOOD! Very scary, at least to me, especially the mob scenes. I had to have Greg hold me because I was actually scared. Man, it was good, very intense, and just generally awesome. Not sure which movie to see? Go try that one. Okay.

Ark-watch, 14 days remaining: What’s that? Where once there was one now there are two. Can anyone say, ‘hello, Dolly’? Oh, and hey, look, Kimberly – a monkey. Granted, he’s a little ‘see no evil, say no evil’ at the moment, but he’s mostly done.

two sheep and a monkey

Still to do: 1 giraffe, 1 monkey, 1 dove, and the ark-tote.


  1. Esther says:

    Oh I LOVE the sheep!!!! Is that one of “your” patterns?? Where could I buy a copy (assuming that’s possible)? I JUST LOVE THEM!! And the idea of the ark is just adorable!

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