Ants and fake names

Well, we had the exterminator over on Wednesday to spray for ants. All was well on Thursday, but now it’s Friday – and the ants are back. I think we’re creating a race of uber-ants, resistant to poisons and planning, in their little anty way, world domination. Yeah.

I’ve decided to give my husband and son pseudonyms for this blog, as I’ve seen on others about the web. It’s intended to discourage the casual stalker, I suppose, and I’m all about my family not being stalked. Although I didn’t have any qualms about using my name. So hey. I don’t know. At any rate, I’ve decided to call my son Max, as he really has started to bring “Where the Wild Things Are” to mind, more and more each day. And I’m going to call my hubby Greg – because I’ve always liked that name. 😀 So, that’s all the warning y’all are gonna get, I’m going to start using names for them, but not their real names. HaHA!

Ark-watch, 15 days remaining: Sheep #2 needs his legs attached and eyes sewn on before completion. Still to do: 1 giraffe, 2 monkeys, 1 dove, ark tote

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