Gahhh! Crochetme jumped my gun…

Apparently Emily Nelson and I are sharing a brain. Sort of. The new issue of Crochetme! came out today (hurrah!) and imagine my shock to see a swim skirt/coverup – using basically the same material as mine! – in an issue that was supposed to be about home decorating! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go here.
I started mine about two or three weeks ago, and things went pretty quickly – until I hit the end of my ball of yarn! See?

(It’s actually bright white cotton yarn, not ivory, there’s just poor lighting in this shot.) I bought the cotton worsted weight as an experiment, as I’ve never worked with it before, and apparently 2.5 oz won’t get you too far. So now my design is on hold until I get out and buy some more.
Which could easily turn into weeks or months. Bleh.

Personally, I think my design will turn out prettier 😉 see the flowers? I actually got the petal pattern stitch from this beautifully designed poncho pattern here which I made last fall. I love it!

And hey, I’ll probably post the pattern when I’ve done with it, though I’ve never written up a pattern before. I guess we’ll see…


  1. Melissa says:

    Heh. Me too. If only there were something I could do to reduce the need for concealment…:lol: *sigh* Emily Nelson doesn’t look like she needs a cover-up… *jealous* *mutters about tall skinny and tan*

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