Slippers, Take Two

I actually finished Charlie’s slippers three or four days ago, but I gave them to him right away. He put them on, ran off to play in delight, and promptly lost them, before I’d taken so much as a single photo. We found them this morning, and I immediately hauled out the camera.

What a cutie!

That’s our pumpkin. The kids use it for a heavy, awkward, but somewhat fragile ball. Anyway! Charlie, bless his heart, still has to be misdirected into posing for the camera. (“What do you have there, honey? A book? That’s great. Hey – what’s on your feet?) The slippers were simple to adjust for his only slightly smaller feet, quick to make, and they are loved.

'It's mah boo!'

So, a single ball of Wool-Ease yielded two pairs of slippers, with some left over. Not bad! I need to make my boys some more warm things for the impending winter. Our collection is still a bit slim. I think we’re off to a good start, though, right? Two pair slippers, check!

Two times the trouble.

When Max saw what I was doing, he ran to find his slippers, pulled them on, grabbed a book, and joined in the photoshoot.What a little ham! But a cute ham.


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