I like how you can see Charlie in this picture, too, wearing Max’s ‘builder’ hat so he won’t feel left out.

Never fear! I am here!!!

A few days ago, Max and Charlie started playing ‘fire truck.’ (Fire truck is a game in which the couch cushions get pulled off the sofa and propped upright against the front, creating a deep enclosed area filled with bouncing little boys shouting, “WEEEE-OOOOH! WEEEE-OOOOH! WEEEEEEEE-OOOOOOOOH!”) Max, in particular, got really into it, describing hoses and water and fire, the whole thing liberally sprinkled with WEEEE-OOOOHs.

So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he reacted to my announcement that I was going to make him a hat with an adamant “Fire hat!”


“I want a fire hat!”

“…How about a hat the color of fire? Remember, we bought the red, and orange, and yellow yarn?”

“Fire hat!”


He started bouncing up and down at this point, grinning and chanting inside his ‘fire truck.’ “Fire hat! Fire hat! Fire hat! Fire hat!”

So ‘fire hat,’ it was.

What's that? Someone in trouble?

Max loves this hat – Max loves everything about this hat. He loves how it’s bright, retina-burning red. He loves that it’s big. He loves, most of all, the star on the front. (I knew he would.) And, almost unexpectedly, he keeps expressing his love of the hat. “Mommy, I’m glad that you made this to me.” Awww. I made it because I love you, sweetie.

Nope, no fires around here, no-siree-bob!

I’m glad I made it to you, too. :)

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