Simplici-T Itself

Be warned. This post contains a lot of kid pictures and some sentimental ramblings.

What a big boy!

(Oh, yeah! I cut the kids’ hair, honey. It was time. :) Looks cute, right?) Even though I made Max some slippers a few months ago, they have their issues. He tends to lose them a lot, and when he does wear them, they slip off of his feet when he’s roughhousing. Then he gets upset, because he really loves wearing slippers.

Ooh, nice slippers!

So when I ran across a stray ball of bright red Wool-Ease at the Arts & Crafts store I knew instantly that it wanted to be slippers for my little boys. (There’s enough left for Charlie’s pair, too. Which is good, because now he really wants some!)I made them a simple T-shape, folded it in half, and seamed most of the edges. Simplici-T! Was that enough explanation for the pun? Anyway, while I was taking these pictures I was struck by how much my little guy has grown. He’s grasped the concept of the photoshoot, for instance.

Why yes, that is my slipper!

This pose was his own idea. We’ve been doing a lot of ‘big kid’ things lately – checking beginner science books out of the library, making jack-o’-lanterns with construction paper and glue, experimenting with shadows. He’s been asking a lot of questions. Why do leaves change colors, how do pumpkins grow, what do horsies eat…and his scribblings have evolved into sometimes recognizable shapes and even a few letters. I remember when he was smaller, how suddenly one day I looked at him and said to myself “That boy is not a baby anymore.” There was another day, a year or so later, when I said, “I can’t call him a toddler anymore.” I’ve been calling him a preschooler since then, but I’m not quite sure what to make of these recent developments. I don’t think there’s a label for this one…he’s just a child. Eek! He’s only four! Not fair.

Old and blurry.

Mmm, what a horrible digital camera we had when he was born. (I do have better pics of him as a baby, but not to hand at the moment.) So little. Sniffle. What’s next, preadolescence? Sigh. What? Slippers? Oh, right. I think I’m going to go cry a little while I make a pair for Charlie.

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  1. mom says:

    Oh my gosh! He looks so old and grown up! What in the world are you feeding him? Hug and Kiss and blow bubbles on his belly for Grandma! Oh, yeah – nice slippers These look like they’ll stay on better.

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