How to Make Pool Noodle and PVC Swords

Max had a small Cub Scout Day Camp this Saturday. Since Greg is one of the den leaders and I’m a mom, we ended up making a lot of the supplies for it. There was a lot of wiggling and figuring things out going on, but I’m going to pass what I learned on to you!

How to Make Pool Noodle and PVC Swords

For each sword you will need:

  • Half of a pool noodle (the narrower ones, not the wide ones)
  • About 4 feet of 3/4″ PVC pipe (should measure about 1″ outside diameter)
  • A PVC Slip x Slip X Slip Tee connector (to fit on your pipe, try it on)
  • Measuring Tape
  • A saw (to cut pipe, we used a jigsaw)
  • A drill with 1″ wood spade bit
  • PVC cement

FYI: This is what we used and how we made these swords. You could definitely substitute some tools and materials, but the way we made them was fast, easy, and effective.


1. If you haven’t already, cut your (full-length) pool noodle in half. I used a steak knife. Set other half aside for another sword.

2. Cut PVC pipe into three sections: 34″ (or 36″, if intended for an adult), 4″, and 4″. Set aside or discard remaining scrap of pipe.

3. Using drill bit, bore through the top of the ‘T’ section of the connecting piece (so that the pipe can slide all the way through).

How to Make Pool Noodle and PVC Swords

4. Slide long section of pipe into pool noodle. Make sure it goes almost all of the way in, but leave about an inch or inch and a half of pool noodle without pipe in it. (That way if the kids start stabbing each other with the tip of the sword, they don’t get jabbed with the end of the pipe.)

5. Slide the connector onto the pipe, cut side against the pool noodle.

6. Apply PVC glue to the inside of the connector (the sides that are still open) and insert the two short pieces. Use a wipe to remove any excess glue, allow to dry.

How to Make Pool Noodle and PVC Swords

There you go, easy peasy!


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