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I’ve been seeing a lot of flowers in hair lately -and not just among little girls! It seems like all the cool adults are pinning their hair back with roses and plumeria and hibiscus. Unlike some trends (skinny jeans, I’m looking at you :P) this is one I’m more than happy to jump on board with.


Gosh, I’ve gotten freckly since last year. I should probably take my friend’s advice and get a moisturizer with a good SPF rating to protect my face from the constant, blazing Death Sun around here. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make some flowers for my hair.

All you need is some empty barrettes, like so:


and some felt, a needle and thread, and some embroidery floss. (Colored thread could be substituted.) Here are the templates I’ve made:

Click for the pdf!

Click the picture for the pdf. That word that got cut off on the top – that says ‘Stamen.’  That’s for the hibiscus.

The pieces.

So, you cut out your pieces. (You can see that I didn’t have enough felt to make the second piece in one unbroken chunk, but the way I pieced the two together, it won’t be visible from the front. I’m not sure whether this speaks to my poor planning, or my frugality. I’m gonna say it’s probably both.)

The back

So, you sew your strap to the back of your back piece…

The front!

sew and embroider details onto the front piece…


and sew the pieces together.

Slip it in!

Then, you just slip your barrette through the strap, and you’re good to go! It’s not permanently attached, so you can switch it out as often as you like. You could also slide it onto a thin headband, or a bobby pin, so it’s very versatile.


The hibiscus is a little different: I assembled it as described in this tutorial except I did not glue the stamen. I rolled it up and sewed it so that it would stay. I also did not make a separate back piece to sew the strap to, I just hid the stitches in the texture of the petals so that it wouldn’t show through on the front.

This was a really fun project!

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