9 Years of Blogging

May marks the 9th anniversary of this blog. How’s that for craziness? To celebrate, I’ve updated with a brand new look. In addition, there is a random post widget in the sidebar that will pull up any of the nearly 700 posts I’ve written over the last nine years. Confession: I’ve spent way too much time this week reading old blog posts. I can’t believe it’s been so long! How about you? How long have you been reading? How many of these do you remember?

Here are some post highlights, one for each year of the blog.

2014: Where Have I Been This Time?

Sweet baby!

2013: Secret Bedtime Pegdolls

How to Make Peg Dolls

2012: No-Sew Toy Diapers


2011: On Being ‘Mom’

Me and my first baby. :)

2010: 10 Things I Didn’t Realize I Would Love About Japan

Pictured: history.

2009: Sweater Number Two Plus Something New!


2008: If at First You Don’t Succeed,


2007: Help me, I’ve dyed…

Treasure Bag by Melissa Mall

2006: Tadaaaaa! *unveils*

Gratuitous Cables Shrug by Melissa Mall

2005: Heeeeere kitty, kitty, kitty…

Sitting kitty

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