Blessing Dress, Continued

Ivy’s blessing is tomorrow, so is anyone surprised that I’m blocking the dress today?


Fine. Whatever. I had an extra month to finish it, I waited until the last minute. Happy?

So after I added a ruffle to the bottom and finished the neck edge and sleeves, it looked like this:



After a brief soak in tepid water and gentle towel squeeze, I laid it out with only a few pins at the bottom edge and it looked like this:

This is what blocking will do for you.

Seriously, you guys. Blocking. It’s amazing. Don’t fear the blocking! I can’t believe I went so many years without doing it. (Here are some specific directions if you think you’re ready to give blocking a chance.)

This is what I’m thinking for the finishing touches:

It's going to be gorgeous.

Seriously, you guys. It’s going to be gorgeous.

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