Knitting as Fast as I Can

So now that my little daughter (let’s call her ‘Ivy’ for blog purposes) has arrived, it’s time to think about her blessing dress. I actually bought the yarn I’m using in Japan back in 2009, before I found out that Tommy and Teddy would be boys.

LaLa Baby Angel Smile

It’s a pretty, creamy, fingering weight wool. Lovely, yes? And very fine. So after knitting my fingers off for the past week and a half, I have this:

Blessing dress in progress

Yay! Fortunately, I know what a difference blocking makes or I would not be nearly so enthusiastic. It’s cool, though…it’ll look nicer soon.

Originally Ivy’s blessing was supposed to be this Sunday, but surprise, surprise, there’s a nasty ice-storm heading in and so everyone we invited from farther than a few miles away was unable to make it and we decided to postpone. That gives me a chance to really take my time with the finishing (and give my tensioning hand a break) and I’m just as glad.

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