Homemade Angry Birds Invitations

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it yet, but Max is turning 8 soon. Seriously. Anyway, he really wanted an Angry Birds party this year. The two of us whipped up some invitations this afternoon so he can pass them out to his friends at church tomorrow.

Come Crash the Party!

I got the idea for the cards from Etsy (here’s a link to a pin, since the listing isn’t up anymore). Scissors, construction paper, glue, and the time to painstakingly cut little pieces out of paper and glue them together: that’s all we needed. Max even helped me assemble them.

As for the details on the back:

See the green piggy 8? That's all me.

If you’re throwing an Angry Birds party, you should definitely go download this free kit. There are graphics, the font, backgrounds, cupcake wrappers, banner templates, you name it. I was able to make it look really good.

We glued it to the back, stuffed it in the envelope, and we’re done! We made one each for Max and Charlie, too, which they are really excited about. I’ve mentioned before that the names I use on the blog for my kids aren’t their real names. Well – they’re below on two of the envelopes. See if you can guess the real Mall children! (…I won’t tell you if you guess right, haha!)

Guess, guess the real Mall children!

It was fun, and we’re getting our party off to a promising start.


  1. bezzie says:

    Happy Birthday Max! And since we’re friends on FB, it would be cheating for me to guess which ones are the real 2…lol!

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