No-Sew Toy Diapers

You know, usually me being a crafty sort of person adds a perk here or there. A fillip, if you will, to our daily lives. But every now and again something simple I can do fulfills the heart’s desire of one of my little boys, and they look at me like I’m some kind of magician.

Such is the case of Blue’s diapers.

Yes, that IS marker on his forehead.

This morning Tommy brought me Blue and one of the twins’ diapers, insisting that I somehow put the two together. Since Blue and the diaper are almost the same height, this proved a challenge. Instead, I threw one together with a paper napkin and some tape, and after jumping up and down like I just – I don’t know – bought him a pony? he ran off to play.

A few hours later they brought it back to me, ripped just enough that it wouldn’t stay on anymore. (It lasted much longer than I expected it to.) Rather than toss another napkin on, I pulled out some velcro, felt, and the glue gun and made a more durable version.

Complete with tail-hole.

This is a technique my mother taught me to make clothes for my dolls when I was little, and I haven’t had the opportunity to dust it off recently. First you take some paper – I like to use brown paper bags – and cut out something about the size and shape you need. Try it on your toy, make sure the tail hole is in the right spot, whatever you need. Tweak it and try again until you have one that works for you. Because we’re using felt and not sewing anything, we’re not worried about seam allowance.

Once you’re satisfied with it, either trace it to your felt or pin it on and cut around it so you have a little felt diaper, complete with tail hole.

Use the glue gun to apply velcro in the appropriate places:

Blue supervises.

And bask in the joy of the little people. (They love their “Baby Blue”s!)



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