Angry Pizza (Pizza Birds?)

We had Max’s party at lunchtime, which meant that I had the opportunity to make the Angry Birds Pizza I found. I had my trusty bread maker (you know I love that thing) mix up some dough while I rushed around doing other things. Once it was ready, it was time to make some birds!

Mmm, angry and delicious!

I spread the dough as usual, but pulled out two “feathers” at the top of the bird. Then sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni laid thickly over that. I cut out two eyes from a block of mozzarella cheese, the beak from some slices of cheddar, and used black olives for the details. Pretty good, hey?

The big question, of course, is how did it bake? Drumroll please:

Not bad at all!

Hey! It looks like the red bird, no question. Even the kids could tell. (Whew.) I didn’t stop there, though. Next up was the yellow bird!


Same deal here. Dough into a triangle shape, sauce and cheese (this time with the cheddar on top, for more of a yellow look), mozzarella eyes and black olive details. Looking good, but how did it bake?


Wow. That’s…um. Not awesome. His face melted off. I told the boys that’s what yellow bird looked like after he hit the brick walls. They thought it was hilarious. It still tasted good. Yay?

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