Cool Hat for a Crazy Kid

There’s something you may not have known about Charlie. Namely: he’s crazy.

See? I told you. Crazy.

Despite the temperatures around here being of the face-melting variety, Charlie loves to wear hats. Not just baseball caps or secret agent hats, but thick, warm, meant-to-keep-you-cozy beanies. I told you. He’s crazy.

Really he only has the one that he wears. But the other day he was looking at it and he said, “Mommy, this hat isn’t very cool.”


“Yeah. Because it doesn’t have very many colors.”

“So what would a cool hat look like?”

“It would be red. And blue! And green, too.”

I asked him some more questions and we drew up a plan:

Simple tastes, simple pleasures.

It was to be “the same shape” as his other hat, but with three stripes. Red on the top, green in the middle, and blue at the bottom. Looks like a cool hat to me!

It was pretty east to execute (I mean…it’s a hat…) just a top down beanie with stripes. I used the Simple Circle Hat formula to make it the right size, worked it in a spiral to avoid a ‘seam,’ and worked the color changes a little differently to avoid a jog.

If you have a kid who would like a ‘Cool Hat,’ you can make one too with the pattern over at Inner Child Crochet.

Next up – a quiver for Max’s birthday arrows!

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