Quiver Me Timbers

What? If the choice comes down to logic or puns, puns win every time.

I'm all aquiver. Or that is. Or something.

Perhaps you will recall the bow and arrows I found on Etsy, which I featured this summer. Those of you with an even more incredible memory may remember that Max saw the pictures when I was posting and begged me to buy one. Well, on his birthday he was ecstatic to discover that the biggest box on the table actually contained a toy bow and arrows!

It’s pretty good quality, too. It may be PVC pipe and dowel rods, but this thing is sturdy. Some of the paint is already scraping off, but I, frankly, do not care since it’s not impeding function at all. Paint I can fix if I want to. It also has quite a decent range! (Shout out to the Etsy seller Backwoods Toys, as well – I told her it was last minute for a birthday and it was at my house one week to the day after I placed my order.)

The only problem was that with seven arrows knocking around (we bought the extra arrows, but if you know your way around a saw and some sandpaper it’d be dead easy to make your own) they were constantly underfoot and I was concerned about breakage and loss. Max asked if I could make him an “arrow holder thing” and how could I refuse that?

Hey, wait, Robin Hood has forgotten something!

(Yes, I realize that arrows definitely do not belong points-up. TIP: when you measure how big around your quiver should be, make sure you measure the big end of the arrows. Haha.)

If you’re in desperate need of a quiver, check out the pattern at Inner Child Crochet. I’ve included directions for customizing each piece to the size you need, because toy arrows come in all sizes, don’t they? I hope you like it!

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