Etsy Diving: Mother’s Day

Hey! Did you know that Mother’s Day is this weekend? What shall we get for Mom?

This mother's day, say it with rocks!

1. Family Tree Chart Poster by  FreshRetroGallery 2. Mother Owl Painted Rock Bookend by carriveau 3. Flower Soap Gift Set by BUBBLECITYSOAP 4. Sterling Silver Little Footprint Necklace by ArtInspiredGifts

I’m really impressed by the way the family tree was set up – there’s room for six generations and it’s an artistically refreshing change from a typical pedigree chart.

Check out those porcelain eggs!

5. Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Name Necklace with Pearl by sayanythingjewelry 6. Handmade Flower Yarn Bowl by blueroompottery 7. Personalized Bird’s Nest 8×10 by inspiredartprints 8. Set of 6 Egg Sprouts by Revisions

I wanted to feature the name necklace because it was one of the only designs I found that accommodated more than three children without purchasing extra pieces. Also – am I the only one who’s never heard of yarn bowls before?! Etsy was crawling with them (surprising, as bowls rarely crawl) and I think they’re pretty cool! Especially this one, but this one and this one are also quite nice.

I don’t think you can see the bird’s nest photo very well in the mosaic, but I think that is a really neat idea and it’s just possible that I might try to stage my own…


  1. Shelli Bowler (Carriveau) says:

    I was just browsing for some carriveau ancestry items for my daughters homework assignment that is due last minute on Monday and saw my shop name listed in a Google search. It took me to your blog sight and I just wanted to say :) …thank you for including my book end. I am also LDS and have a strong belief in family. That is why you see Mama’s with baby’s in a lot of my paintings. Any how, hope you had a happy mothers day and thank you again for having me be a part of your sight. Very cute by the way :)
    Take good care,

  2. Elizabeth Knaus says:

    Hello Melissa, I am the designer of the family tree. Thank you for mentioning it on your interesting site! Already, Mother’s Day is right around the corner again! This has been the most popular item in my shop. From the feedback I get, I’m finding that people are often using them as gifts for weddings, holidays, birthdays, etc. To see other photos of the same product at a glance, you can visit the family tree section of my shop at By the way, I found your page when I accidentally typed into the search window instead of the browser bar.
    Best wishes,
    Elizabeth Knaus recently posted..Family tree chart posters to fill in blanks for child, parents, grandparents through great great great grandparents. Buy 1 get 2. by FreshRetroGalleryMy Profile

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