Adventures in Felt: Toys!

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Now that the wooden Easter eggs have been dyed and polished, we’re on to the next phase of our handmade Easter baskets:

Stuffed animals!

Look at those giant ears!

I’m really pleased with the way that this came out – I haven’t made three-dimensional felt toys before. Although, I suppose that the construction of this bunny was mostly two-dimensional. Still! It’s cute! And the tail is definitely 3D.

Look at that poofy little tail.

Would you like to make one?

You Will Need:

  • 2 sheets white felt
  • About 1/2 sheet pink felt
  • Scrap of black felt
  • Needle and thread in desired color
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing or fiberfill

Also, this:

Print it out and there you are!

Click on the pattern for a printable pdf.

1. Cut out your pieces.
2. Take tail and work a loose running stitch all around the circumference. Pull tight to gather into a rough ball shape. Stuff tail, sew closed, and sew onto one body piece in pictured location.
3. Sew eyes and nose to face (of OTHER body piece. This is important).
4. Lay two arm pieces on top of each other (wrong sides together and matched up), sew around entire arm EXCEPT flat end where it will join the body. Stuff arm. Repeat for the second arm.
5. Match up one pink ear piece and one white ear piece, wrong sides together. Starting at base of ear, sew around until you reach the base on the other side. Once there, fold the bottom corner in until it meets the center point of the base. Sew in place, repeat for the other corner. (They should meet in the middle.) Sew edges together in center for about 1″. Repeat for second ear.
6. Match up body pieces, wrong sides together. Sew together around edges, stuffing as you go. Stop and insert arms and ears at appropriate locations; sew into place.

There you have it! I hope you like this little bunny, because I sure do!

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