Finally, an Excuse for Fun Fur

I am super excited about this project. I found the idea on a blog called Capture the Details about a year ago and I ran across it again yesterday. I know a lot of you are still trying to get rid of persistent snow – we’ve started having 100 degree days and sweating until we cave in and turn on the AC. Either way I think all of us deserve a little soft spring grass.

Fortunately, all you need is some green Fun Fur, some sort of wreath-type-shaped thing, and something to decorate with. I found a pack of artificial monarch butterflies at Michael’s and I knew they would love to chill on the grass wreath.

Really, this is all I used.

All you do is tie the fun fur around the wreath base and start wrapping it around and around. Smoosh it together, keep wrapping…I think it only took me about fifteen minutes. Maybe twenty. I tied the end around the wreath form to secure it, and:


IT’S SO FLUFFY! Look, the green is a different color in every photo. Cool.

The butterflies had thin, flexible wires attached to them already, so all I needed to do was trim them down to about two inches and poke them into the wreath. Max and Charlie helped and it was fun all around.

I love how this turned out.

I think it’s beautiful. I also think letting the kids help place the butterflies helped them to look more natural and less staged – thanks, kids.

I think I need a better hanger.

Right now I’m hanging it on the inside of our front door from Greg’s Yamaha lanyard because I forgot to buy ribbon when I got the yarn. I know I have some ribbon around somewhere already…but for now I’m just happy to have a little bit of spring and some butterflies in my house.


  1. bezzie says:

    I love it! I made a mini Xmas tree with a cone and fun fur much the same way. I like the butterflies and “grass” much better though!

  2. Sharon Schwind says:

    I love the baby beanie which I’m going make for my g.granddaughter. Then, I just started to look around and found this wreath. I think it’s a great idea and I have fun fur coming out my ears!! I hope I have green, but if not, I know I have something I can make a wreath with. (Or buy some green.)
    Thanks for the great idea. And I’m going to try your French Toast recipe too. Thanks, Sharon

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