Marshmallows + Toothpicks = Fun

I recently entertained my kids all day for $1.

That's all you need!

That’s how much a bag of miniature marshmallows cost me. Those toothpicks have been in my cupboard forever. All you have to do is stick the toothpicks into the marshmallows, and you can build things – like so:

Pyramids and cubes!

The kids went a different route. Max made a monster…

marshmallow monster

Charlie made a bunny monster. That’s the long, bumpy thing on the table in front of him.

Build ho!

They made snakes, racetracks, birdhouses, ceiling fans and houses for their monsters. It takes a long time to go through all the marshmallows. Then we left them alone for a few hours: once the marshmallows dry out the structures become much more sturdy, allowing the kids to play with their creations without them breaking.

Then, of course, the kids ate stale marshmallows and I had to clean up sticky toothpicks.


  1. bezzie says:

    You know what else you can do with mini marshmallows on toothpicks? Perhaps you can roast them over a lamp’s lightbulp. Leaving say a sticky brown coating all over the lightbulb that your mom will get really mad at you for doing…not that I would have EVER done that as a kid…hee hee!

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