How to Color Cookie Dough

So for Charlie’s party we made cookies (shaped like a dog bone) as ‘Scooby Snacks.’ I used this sugar cookie recipe again, as I like that it’s not super-sweet. I wanted to add some color but was not in the mood to deal with children + frosting. My solution? Dye the dough.

Ta-da! Groovy sugar cookies.
If you’d like to color your cookie dough, before you’ve refrigerated it would be best. It’s still pliable, and you won’t undo the time it’s spent chilling by warming it up with your hands.

Add the dye...

Get a large piece of plastic wrap (to protect your hands and table from the dye), place a ball of cookie dough in the middle, and poke a well in the center with your thumb. Add the food coloring to the well, wrap it in the plastic wrap, and begin kneading the food coloring into your dough.

You may need more dye.

This may take a while and you may find that you need more food coloring.

Blue cookies!

Eventually, though, you will have pretty, colored dough that you can roll and cut as you normally would. These cookies were a big hit with the kids!


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