10 Great Gifts to Make at the Last Minute

Hey, did you know today i- hooooly cow, Christmas is on Saturday! Well if – like me – you’re not exactly finished with the presents on your list, perhaps you’d like to take a look at a few ideas for handmade gifts that you still have time to complete? For instance…

10. Simple Speedy Cowl

This single-skein cowl is simple and speedy, with alternating bands of single and double crochet forming a subtly interesting texture that requires only bare attention from you to navigate successfully. Time to complete: about one hour.

9. Simple Man Slippers

These slippers were rigorously designed in compliance with previously determined husband-preference specifications. Please note that the slippers are 1) black, 2) plain, and 3) big. You’ll have to take my word for it that they are cozy, warm, and absolutely not itchy at all. You may also notice that they’ve been knit with a princess foot for maximum comfort. I don’t remember for certain, but I believe that each slipper took less than one hour to complete.

8. Little Baker Set

Looking for something handmade to round out toy pans and cookie cutters? Or perhaps you want something to stick in the stocking with those EZ Bake Oven mixes? Check out the hot pads and oven mitts in the Little Baker Set. My boys love theirs, and they’re child-sized, which means fast!

7. Kirsten Tassled Hat

Here’s a hat that goes together fast – double crochet, a large hook, and a lovely wool all combine to create a delicious fabric that proves something doesn’t need to be difficult to make a statement. Instructions for making the tassels are included at the end of the pattern. Time to complete: just over one hour.

6. Fairy Tale Finger Puppets

An oldie but a goodie, finger puppets are a great way to foster creative play with only a small amount of materials. Great for stocking stuffers and using up scraps!

5. Saucy Hat

Here’s another hat that goes together quickly, and it’s one of my personal favorites (I made this hat five times). It can be worn a few different ways: to the back like a slouch, to the side like a beret, or to the front like a newsboy. When made in different yarns, the personality of the hat completely changes – and at about 90 minutes a pop, you’ll want to make one in all your favorite fibers!

4. Joe Penguin

Easy and adorable, Joe won’t take long at all to crochet – but he’ll be played with all day long!

3. Cinnamon Cape

Admittedly this will take more time to make than a hat, but with worsted-weight yarn held double and an L hook, this is one large project that goes by lickety split! This pattern is graded into five different sizes.

2. Nottingham Hat

Here’s another hat! It’s knit this time – I love the cables and the simple ribbing. The pattern is actually graded into different sizes, so you can make it for anyone from toddler to adult. Fun, right? It’s pretty fast, too…especially if you know how to cable without a needle.

1. Feminine Wristwarmers

Simple, quick, and elegantly pretty. These would make a lovely last-minute gift.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s Christmas business to attend to!

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  1. Heather says:

    I love all of these patterns. I have yet to do the wrist warmers. Or the saucy hat but I’ve been admiring them forever. I looove the finger puppets! I’ve made the dragon 3 times and the horse. My kids love them. I adore your little baking set…I wish I had seen that one a few days ago…I got my girls some new stuff for their play kitchen and those would’ve gone perfect with it!

    Have a wonderful holiday and new year.

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