Just a Quick Project

I’ve spent too many days with cold toes to let it go on any longer.

I made slippers!

I bought some Wool-Ease Thick & Quick at the Arts and Crafts store, (although, they charge MSRP on the yarn there, a bit shocking for someone used to shopping sales in a multi-store-competition-based world) double-stranded it, and knit some of the ugliest slippers I have ever seen. You can find the pattern here, but I’m just gonna clue you in now that it’s a rectangle with cables on the sides and decreases in the last row. To be honest, double-stranding the Thick & Quick might have been overkill, but despite their thick and lumpy appearance, the slippers are cushy and warm.

See? Cable-y side.

So, yeah – I’m not too enamored of the pattern, but it’s fast and functional. Max saw that I made some slippers and told me that he needed some, too – because he had cold toes. “You make me some, Mama!” You bet, bud. I ended up using about a skein and a half in my gigantic slippers, so there was plenty left to make some little single-stranded ones. (Pictures to come later.) Charlie might want some, too! We’ll see.


  1. Gabbi says:

    Holy Cow! I’ve been working on a baby afghan for a friend, but since all we have in our old apartment is a window unit A/C, it is way too hot and humid here in Texas to even hold the yarn.

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh, takes me back to when my Mom made those in all different colors and interspersed the colors. The ladies’ always had pom-poms on top. I wish I had them now. Thanks, Mom – I love and miss you.

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