So Long, 2010!

Well, the new year is almost upon us, and here at Inner Child Crochet that means something special. January is my website’s birthday month and this is its fourth birthday. Wow, can you believe that? I know, it’s crazy.

During the birthday month I try and put together some special things, release new patterns, have sales, and generally get my act together again creating and publishing content for the site. Last year I attempted to blog every day in the month of January, which (although I did not quite succeed) worked surprisingly well. So well, in fact, that I’m going to try it again this year because, let me tell you – I thought 2009 was a bad year for my crocheting, but 2010 was even worse. Instead of the eleven patterns I published in 2009, during 2010 I only managed eight…and five of those were in January. Apparently, learning to cope with twins, trying to see everything I ever meant to see while I was in Japan, packing up and moving to another continent, driving back and forth across the USA, living in a hotel for six weeks, and unpacking in a new house left me with very little mental energy for crocheting.

I did accomplish one thing this year that I am very proud of, though. See? Before:

And after.

Yeah, I did that. (See, Mom? The ability to kill – I mean, keep a plant alive has very little to do with your ability to keep kids from dying!)

See you guys on Saturday.


  1. mom says:

    Yeah, but while you were – um – keeping your plant alive you were getting older and more accustomed to being an adult 😀

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