There and Back Again

…and was it all a dream?

We are now back in the United States, for the first time in years, and…it doesn’t feel strange at all. In fact, it feels so normal that I think that is strange. Everything is so familiar that’s almost as though we never left. Now – granted – we’ve only been here two days, but aside from a tendency to unconsciously use Japanese with people who look as though they might be, and accidentally getting in on the wrong side of the car, it all seems to be going very smoothly. Of course, we are already lamenting the loss of wonderful Japanese customer service, and the sandwiches we got at the Wendy’s in Seattle frankly looked as though they had been sat on an hour before we got them…but we expected that.

Now, we’re off on a driving tour of family members before we head out to Arizona. It should be fun!

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