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To: KP Suggestions
Subject: New Yarn Suggestion

I was yarn shopping on ebay a while back and ran across someone who was selling undyed alpaca. It came in the most astonishing range of colorschocolate, tan, camel, gray, black, white, cream, charcoal…if you’ve never considered a natural alpaca yarn in varying colors, I would beg you to do so. It looked wonderful.

Plus, if you didn’t have to dye it, it could be cheaper, right? Right?

Thanks for reading,

To: Melissa Mall
Subject: Re: New Yarn Suggestion

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will take it into consideration.

Knit Picks Customer Service

If you care to lend your voice to my petition – or you have a suggestion of your own! – you can contact Knit Picks and let them know at Answering these emails has got to be a fun job.

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