Here I am!

Here I am, my own crochet blog! Such fun. At any rate, I’m Melissa, a stay-at-home mom with too many hooks. Not enough yarn, of course, but can you ever have enough yarn? I’m also easily distracted by new projects, and at the moment I have at least four unfinished projects aside from the one I’m actually working on lying around in buckets and baskets and bags. And yet, for some reason, I keep scouring the internet for interesting new patterns – which I’m sure you’ll agree there is no lack of when you have something else you should be working on…it’s only when you’re really between projects that you can’t find something to start.

So come say hi, and welcome to my own little corner of the web!


  1. Anne says:

    I know how you feel. I finally ended up picking a project with various parts to it and every time I finished one of the parts, I made myself set it aside and finish or frog one of my other WIPs. I managed to get through quite a few, because I didn’t have enough time to get bored with them again. How many kids do you have? My 2 girls are still very little and I’m constantly having to protect my yarn from them. Or them from my yarn. I’m always confused which. 😉

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