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So…anyone remember this? I started my Baby Sophisticate in September of last year, and got it all finished except for the buttons. I swear I looked for those buttons everywhere – at the craft store down in Okinawa, at the craft store up here, at the hundred yen store, at every online button emporium imaginable, and yet I just couldn’t find what I wanted. It seemed the sweater was doomed to remain unfinished forever.

Then one day, I took a trip to the mall, and decided to stop by the Pandora House. Presto!

How cute are those buttons?

There were the buttons I needed. After that it was the work of no time at all to sew on the four little stars and have an impromptu photoshoot with (the smaller of) the twins. As you can see, we finished this little cardi just in time.

How cute is that baby?!?

How cute is that little sweater?!? How cute is that little buddy?!? How long will my voice stay all high and squeaky like this?!?

Anyway, the original plan was to make two of these, but I bore easily so I didn’t make the other one back in September. Maybe I still will – I bought another set of the star buttons, just in case – but we’ll see.


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