Pumpkins for Big Boys

Hey, did you know that I still have other kids? It’s true! So the other night, while I was sitting in the living room contemplating the future of my babies in the hospital (people say, “Melissa! How are you doing so much right now?!” and the answer is that I have a team of nurses and a medical staff providing round-the-clock care to my twins, and they really don’t like me to spend all day there. I need things to do.) I decided to make something awesome for my big boys.

Those are some good-looking pumpkins.

There’s not much to them – just two sheets of orange felt sewn together in the shape of pumpkins (with a stem inserted) but they sure look pretty.

I also cut little pockets in the back –

Look! Pieces!

and used some purple felt (the craft store here didn’t have black) to make jack-o-lantern face pieces. That way, you can store the pieces inside of the pumpkins, and then you can make awesome faces like these:

How adorable are these?!

Heeheehee. I had a lot of fun making the pieces. My kids and I get along really well. Anyway, Max and Charlie lost no time making their own creations:

All by himself! So cute.

Those things on either side of the nose are cheeks. I asked. As you can see, the felt clings lightly to itself, allowing for the jack-o-lanterns to be picked up but permitting easy removal. Good times.

Charlie can do it, too!

Charlie made that face all by himself, too. He’s getting so big! *sniffle*

Now that I’ve made these, I can think of a million other things to make in a similar vein…watch out, you may see more felt creations in the future!


  1. Mom says:

    In the first pic. I thought you were making some kind of place mats – they are awesome – much like potato heads – but adaptable to the occasion. Neat idea for preschool classes and early childhood educators.

  2. Abi says:

    What a fun idea. That would keep them busy for awhile. I need to go get some felt and make some for my girls, too bad the dollar store is closed.

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