Oh, THERE it is!

Check out that snow.

Well, the kids are excited. They went to bed last night to half an inch and woke up to this.

Buried aliiiiiiiiiive!

I mean, the snow’s not that deep everywhere, but so much accumulated on the roof that it was sliding off all night. Snow falling off the roof is a lot louder than you’d think – Charlie kept waking up startled and crying.

Happier this morning, eh?

Now, if you noticed that the view outside my window is a little different, you’re either extremely observant or you’re my husband! You’re also right. Two days ago they began doing this:

Oh no! Chopping down my pine trees?!?

I took this picture after about five or six trees had gone down, once it became clear that they weren’t just doing some maintenance. Max was really upset. I mean really upset – crying, howling, pressing himself up against the glass doors shouting, “Stop hurting my trees!” Every time another tree went down, he howled like they were killing puppies in front of his very eyes. When they finished yesterday, we were left with this:

:( :( :(

Which is very, very sad. They’ve started clearing the trees along the gravel road, too. I really love those pine trees. I just hope that they’ll leave some of them (or at least that they’ll put off chopping down the rest of them till spring!) but I’m not sure if they will. :(


  1. Abi says:

    That is sad about the trees. I love trees. I was so sad when our landlord cut down the huge bushed in our backyard…I have no idea why she did that. That is a lot of snow and you sure had a lot of fun shovelling it.

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