I Almost Forgot to Add a Title

So, I hope all of you had excellent Christmases; ours was sunny and quiet. Today, on the other hand, was cold and blowing snow! Fortunately I had something warm and soft that I’d just finished.

It's really, really cold...

(This is the result of the double-stranded playground yarn disaster of a few weeks back. Turns out double-stranding is great fun! You know. Once your yarn barf gets untangled.) This actually only took four skeins of Wool-Ease to make; once I’d ironed out the design kinks it was super-quick to make, and I think it’s really cute. Did I mention it was really, really cold today?

Snow is falling all around...

On the other hand, wearing a little cape makes me feel all dramatic.

Spice it up with a cinnamon cape!

I’m going to see if I can resize the directions. I keep getting scared off by resizing things, and I really want to make it through that block because…well…there’s a whole lot of fun on the other side.


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