I’ve Been Busy

…and busy with yarny stuff, might I add. Today Crochet Uncut released its second issue ever (its first mini-issue), just in time for last-minute Christmas crafting! In case you’re still not familiar, Crochet Uncut is a new crochet-themed e-zine, just getting started. Now, being the crochet-supportive designer that I am, I’ve been keeping an eye on them. When Darlisa (the brains of the operation) mentioned that she might put out themed mini-issues, I suggested that a last-minute projects issue would be fun and timely. She decided to go for it – unfortunately, with the short notice, she had a hard time getting submissions – and that explains why, of the seven patterns in this mini-issue . . . four of them are mine. So! Head on over and check out:

kirsten tasseled hat free crochet pattern


simple speedy cowl free crochet pattern

Simple Speedy Cowl,

mossy mini clutch free crochet pattern

Mossy Mini-Clutch, and…

miniature sweater ornament free crochet pattern

Miniature Sweater Ornament. I told you I’ve been busy!


  1. Jenny says:

    You have been busy :) I didn’t even know Darlissa was looking for more submissions or I would have stepped it up a bit. There must be places to squeeze more time from, right? Love the projects!

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