A Pattern, FOs, and a WIP!

I’ve gotten a lot of work done this week on my projects. First of all, the pattern for the Mulberry Wristwarmers is now available!

mulberry wristwarmers  - free pattern!

Better late than never, right? I’m happy. I’m always excited to release a new pattern (and to be honest the free patterns are a lot of fun because they’re less work – I don’t have the free ones tested).

I also finished the project I was working on:


NOONAS! (Noona is a nonsense word Charlie uses, and I decided it was good for these.) Here’s a better view of the toys:

Check out those noonas!

It’s a set of nine stuffed toys with soft, suggestive shapes instead of a lot of detail. The bright colors really attract the kids’ attention, and this kind of toy is great for encouraging creativity: instead of having an assigned function, the boys have to use their imagination to play with them. They’ve loved doing it, too. They’ve been steering wheels, cookies, cars, babies, flowers, hats, bracelets, guitars, pianos, chicken nuggets…you name it. I like toys of this kind a lot better than something with a single, proscribed function (can we say E-L-M-O Elmo?) I’m glad my kids agree. :) The pattern for the set will be available to buy as soon as I get it tested – sigh.

In mystery shawl news, I decided to split the cashmere back into two single strands. I know. Holy cow. I’ve already spent probably an hour and a half or two hours at it, and it’s going to take at least that much again to finish up. When I wound the two strands together last year, they got twisted around each other somewhat – it’s like I’m separating plies! (I hate doing that! They get all twisted around until you have to spin your ball to go any farther. :( )

I’d better hurry up, though. They’ve already released the second clue!


  1. Christy says:

    Those warmers are so pretty. Do you know about how much yarn you used? I’ve got some handspun I just finished that I’m thinking would look great in this pattern…. (And it’s already what I had in mind…)


  2. Abi says:

    I love the wrist warmers. And I love the toys. I would totally test the pattern out for you. If you don’t mind it taking awhile because we’re in the process of packing and then moving next week. Boo. Anywho, I love the new look of your website! Haven really gotten a chance to look since I’ve started packing but found some time now. Yippee.

  3. planetjune says:

    Love the noonas! What an original idea, and you’ve got a great variety of shapes there. I can see how kids would love these. My favourite is the orange curly one :)

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