Progress going backwards

I finally did it!

Look! I undid all of my work!

Sooo….now I get to start over. With luck, I’ll catch up before the next clue is released. I’d have a better idea of whether that was possible if I knew when the clue was coming, but it’s a mystery. :)

Today is special for another reason, too: Knitty! That’s right, the summer issue has been released. It’s a little light – (you can’t blame them: summer!) but there are some lovely patterns. Seascape is quite beautiful, and I like Gigi although if I were to make it I’d alter the proportions a bit. And look! A hat with the most interesting bit crocheted. That’s actually pretty encouraging; I’ve been thinking about creating something to submit to Knitty, and one of my ideas has a crocheted element. So we’ll see.

I have one more thing to show off before I finish:

Jimmy Bean's Booties

The other night I just wanted to knit something. I wanted something fast, something I could just cast on, follow the directions, and finish. These little booties fit the bill! The pattern is free: I may make the hat that goes with it, I haven’t decided. There are a lot of pregnant women around here this summer, and it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. :)

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